• Vinnie Colavita

Takeaways from the 2020 Eagles Season

The Eagles were handed their 10th loss of the season on Sunday evening, falling to the division rival Dallas Cowboys 37-17. The loss was a crushing blow to fans as it officially eliminates the team from playoff contention. That's the bad news. The good news is because the NFC East played so poorly, the Eagles have a shot at getting a pretty high draft pick depending on the last week of the season. It also gives fans a chance to look back on the season and see what needs to be fixed and what needs to stay the same. Ironically, the loss against Dallas showcased a lot of issues the team had the entire season. If you look back on this season you see a lot of positives and negatives. Here are five takeaways from the Eagles 2020 season:

No more Quarterback turnover

The team needs to find a quarterback that fits long term. Luckily, it seems to many fans that we have found that player in Jalen Hurts. If he can stay healthy, stay smart and stay versatile, we have a real shot at playoff contention. The last thing this team needs is constantly flipping quarterbacks until we find one that we think can lead us to the promiseland. Whether it’s Wentz or Hurts or someone else entirely, find a quarterback and stick with them.

An Exceptional Draft is Needed

This team has plenty of holes, and the draft is a cost-effective way to fill a few of them. This draft is going to be a key part of how well we perform over the next few seasons, so it is important that we capitalize on our higher placement. It is going to prove absolutely vital that we make the correct pick with wherever we land (no worse than 10th). It needs to be someone who is here to stay and play great football. It is also important to mention that this needs to happen with most, if not, all of our picks. We will not survive on a great first round pick and nothing else.

The secondary has become a major problem

It was shown in the loss to Dallas just how depleted this secondary is. Granted Michael Jacquet, the cornerback covering Michael Gallup (6 rec. 121 yards 2 TD), is an undrafted rookie who was only making his second start. He wasn’t given the opportunity in training camp or OTAs. But when he’s your best option to check Gallup, it becomes clear that the secondary needs help and it needs it fast. Darius Slay had an interception, but he was the first Eagles CB to do so since Sidney Jones in Week 17 of last season. That cannot be tolerated, and the position must be addressed if this team expects to go anywhere anytime soon.

Injuries are detrimental

The header for this takeaway is purposely redundant. Every team has injuries and it can be the difference between a Super Bowl season and the top pick in the draft. However, with this team, it has become a plague. I won’t pretend to know what happens on the practice field or how the players are dealing with conditioning. However, I think it is important to notice a pattern when one is being shown and break it up. The Eagles don’t seem to be doing that, and one of the results was 14 different starting combinations of the offensive line in 16 weeks. The issues in the secondary warrant another mention here too.

Discipline is vital

The loss to Dallas once again showed just how much discipline needs to be hammered home for this team. The Eagles were flagged for 12 times for 115 yards on Sunday, and six of them were false starts. In total, the Eagles offensive line has 14 false start penalties since Hurts took over. On the drive that could have brought the game within 10, the Eagles committed three penalties in a row to quickly bring it to 3rd and 23, and eventually a turnover on downs. It is clear that penalties are costing us important games, and it needs to be a point of emphasis when next season rolls around.